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How To Download Facebook Videos?

  1. First you need to open Facebook website.
  2. Search for the video that you want to download.
  3. Copy the video link/url.
  4. Now paste the copied facebook video link/url in facebook video downloader empty input box.
  5. Click on the "Download" button.
  6. You'll see two option to download video.
  7. To download video in HD Quality click "Download HD Video" button and to download video in SD Quality click "Download SD Video" button
  8. That's it! Now click save to download video to your device.

How To Download Videos From Facebook (Step by step Guide)

Facebook over the years has accumulated a trove of videos by the 2.2 billion consumers and is now among the best regions to locate viral content. However, it still doesn't offer you a convenient method to download facebook videos you might want to watch again or show your buddies. Fortunately, there are a few simple workarounds so you can download video from facebook out of your feed on your desktop computer or mobile device and see them offline as far as you would like.

This is the way to download facebook videos on your personal computer and cell phone using facebook video downloader.

The way to download facebook video into your notebook or tablet

Considering 2014, Facebook has slipped at least 8 billion video views every day. Those staggering figures can be partly credited to new features such as autoplay, Facebook Live, and Watch Party. You can now find all sorts of videos on the platform out of brief viral movies to live sports and news streams.

Because there is not a download facebook videos option built in the Facebook desktop site, you will have to use a trick to fool it into thinking you're on mobile. That may sound intimidating and perhaps even a bit sketchy, but do not worry: It's a straightforward backdoor that you may do in a few simple steps should you genuinely want to download video from Facebook using facebook video downloader.

First, visit the video that you need to download and click. You will see a drop-down menu using four distinct options. Select"Show video URL" and then copy the link which appears at the top of the screen. When you highlight it, you can either select "Ctrl/Command + C" or right click and then press "Copy" That will store the URL to a clipboard.

This is where things get somewhat unconventional. To download facebook videos using facebook video downloader on your desktop computer, you have to make it believe you're on a smartphone browser. Stay with us here; it's actually quite simple and doesn't ask that you have a computer science history.

Paste the URL you previously copied to your browser's address bar by right-clicking and then selecting "paste" or tapping "Ctrl/Command + V." You can do it on the same page or in a tab. Do not hit yet.

Currently, replace the www text together with mbasic. The concluding URL should appear like that:

Press enter to load the site. The "m" stands for mobile; therefore all you're doing here is loading up the cellular site in a background environment. Do not be worried whether the webpage looks odd; that is only because it's not optimized for your screen. (Notice: Aged guides will say to use just "m" ( Following upgrades, this no longer functions. You must use mbasic.)

You should see a small video player in the middle of your screen. This will open a different link with only the video surrounded with a black edge.

Right-click anywhere within the video player, not the backdrop. From that new drop-down menu, choose "Save video as." This will bring up the File Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac.

Pick the folder you want to download facebook videos using facebook video downloader in and give the file a name. Then press "save" to download video from facebook within an MP4 file onto your computer's hard disk. Here, you are able to open and watch it if you desire, even if you don't own an online connection.

How to download Live Facebook videos

While you can not save continuing Facebook Live videos, you may use the same methods explained above to download them once they have ended using facebook video downloader. To accomplish this, copy the URL into the published live video and then paste it into your browser address bar. The loaded webpage will appear similar to the photo below.

Click any place to the video player to start it in another link. Click here on the video, either while it's playing or paused, and select "Save video as." The last steps will be to give it a title and location on your apparatus to save and press "Save". © 2019. All Rights Reserved.
Any facebook video you download is downloaded directly from facebook CDN. We do not host any copyright or pirated video/content in our server.